Kit / Gear

What you'll need

Please visit AG-Photographic @ to order your requirements.

If you’re shooting film please see the guidelines for kit / gear listed on each location page.  Rule of thumb – take more 🙂

Remember that you’ll be responsible for your own items at all times – suitable storage & waterproofing options should be brought with you.

Functional clothing and footwear is incredibly important – although we won’t be going anywhere dangerous, the weather can be changeable and sometimes cold, wet, and slippy – so bring the appropriate layers and boots with you.

If you haven’t heard, the local insect to Scotland is ‘the midge’ – during the summer months these guys can be a pest if you’re not prepared.  At the very least you will need supplies of midge repellent.  Personally I opt for a midge net – these cover your head and neck – this combined with the appropriate layers will ensure you can enjoy the workshops and snap away in comfort.  The guys at outdoor shop Inside Out located in Portree can help you top up your supplies.